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North Hollywood, CA – Those looking for an A-list smile in Hollywood are turning to A-Dental Center for simply, stunning results.


At Dr FadiElzayat’s practice, fixing smiles is an everyday occurrence, thanks to their highly customized Invisalign aligners, a new high-tech way that adjusts your smile without using braces.


And thanks to their dedication to a gentle, personalized service for each patient, the W Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood dental staff guarantee an unbeatable customer-focused service.


Dr Elzayat said Invisalign treatment is ideal for correcting mild to moderate misalignment of teeth and that teeth are crowded or gapped. Even bite issues can be fixed.


Customized to the needs of each patient, Invisalign treatment may last just a few months or may need to extend for more than twelve months. During a consultation in which your dentist evaluates the severity of misalignment, you will be provided details of treatments that include an estimated time frame for completion.


Invisalign treatment is popular among men and women of all ages, not just teens. Dentists are even seeing seniors who wish to make improvements to their smiles by correcting misalignment. 


“Invisalign aligners are not only very discreet; they are customized to each patient and far more comfortable than sharp-edged brackets,” added Dr Elzayat. The removable aligners are fabricated from strong, clear plastic material, formed to fit against the teeth.


The customized aligners, made from the highest quality materials, will be fitted with a series of aligners that will gently nudge the teeth to where you want them to be. 


You typically wear one tray for two weeks before exchanging it for the next tray in the series. For the Invisalign trays to be most effective, you should wear them about 22 hours a day.


“When you visit our office, our focus is on you. Your dental team will listen carefully to your smile concerns and goals and will devise a plan that will help you enjoy your best smile,” said the dentist.


A-Dental Center, which serves the Greater Los Angeles area, also provides family dental services, cosmetic dental processes, gum disease treatments, and restorative dentistry.


So if you want an A-list Hollywood smile:

Call: (818) 593-0700



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